Hansaprint Oy

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Hansaprint's history of printing extends far into the 20th century. For decades, we have been passionate about producing print products that have fulfilled client demands to the smallest detail and whose high quality has lasted in the hands of the readers.

We believe unequivocally in the future of print products. Our operating environment and the consumers' use of media has changed continuously to this day, and it will keep changing in the future. Paper-based communications and print products will maintain their strong and significant position in the lives of consumers. We believe that progress is moving towards a multichannel media environment where, in the future, printed and electronic media will be integrated naturally into one whole.

We have developed our operations purposefully and, today, Hansaprint is the leading printing house in the Nordic region as well as a progressive service company that provides solutions for marketing communications. Our clients do not only buy our print products, they also buy our passion for printing. For the clients, this means commitment to agreements, realising schedules, quality criteria and cost estimates and taking advantage of the latest possibilities.

For our clients, we are the most effective partner for providing printed communications, and the Finnish market leader in high-volume printing and targeted marketing communications. Our business locations are in Turku and Vantaa, Finland, and in Malmö, Sweden.

Hansaprint Oy is a part of the TS Group.

The head office and main production facilities of Hansaprint Oy are located in Turku, Finland. Our other business locations are Vantaa, Finland and Malmö, Sweden. Hansaprint's affiliated companies/partners include the sheet-fed offset printing press Newprint, form printing press Polytypos and the new media office Nitro.

Business units
The operations of Hansaprint are divided into two business units. The products and services of the Direct business unit are based on digital printing technologies. The services of Direct include e.g. print-on-demand books and user manuals, solutions for event and point-of-sale marketing, security printed products, transaction printing, solutions for targeted marketing and customer communications, and the delivery, storage and logistics services related to the above operations. The main technologies are electrophotography and inkjet printing. Direct has special expertise in demanding print products containing variable data. The Direct factories and print design services are located at Turku and Vantaa, Finland.

The services of the Print business unit include high-volume printing (for example, general interest and customer magazines, product catalogues, direct marketing products and illustrated catalogues) and the related binding and mailing services. The unit's main production technology is heatset offset printing. The unit's factory is located in Turku, and the prepress services are located in Turku and Vantaa, Finland.