Print-on-demand books and product manuals


Larger selection,
less risk.

What is HansaBook?

HansaBook is an Internet service based on the latest print-on-demand technology for ordering books in small batches. Print-on-demand allows publishers to provide their customers a larger selection of books than before, more profitably. Print-on-demand also extends the lifespan of books that have now become a seasonal product. When it is no longer necessary to print large editions of books to ensure availability, publishers have an opportunity to make more sales. This saves on costs of storage and destroying unsold books.

With the HansaBook service, the publisher can have books printed cost-effectively based on the real demand. To make everyday business easier, the publisher can use the HansaBook Internet service to control the chain of order, production and delivery and to keep the book inventory up to date. The books are ready in a matter of days, and the inventory balances and total costs are kept in check.