Posters and poster stands

 The HansaDeco poster stands are unique in their ease of use and durability. A stylish, high-quality poster stand will present your campaign effectively everywhere people go. Its high visibility is ensured by the effective and long-lasting background LED lighting, which only consumes a small amount of energy.

Changing the poster in the stand only takes a moment and does not require a ladder or special tools. Ordinary paper can be used for poster material, helping you to save on the campaign's material costs. The used posters can be recycled with ordinary paper, which helps to preserve the environment.

UV lacquer can be applied to the poster, making it significantly more durable. UV lacquer coating is a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective method than laminating. If the posters are intended for outdoor use, they can be printed directly on moisture-proof plastic.

In addition to paper posters, we also offer wall and ceiling hangings, mobiles and other paper printouts used in shops.