Printed fabric and vinyl

We offer solutions to outdoor advertising that enable you to install and exchange printed materials even in very large sizes without special tools.

Printed vinyl is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use because it can be finished by sewing and seaming, making it durable for even the most demanding conditions. For attachment, grommets or casings can be added. The size of the banner can extend from a few square metres up to large products with an area of several dozens of square metres. Vinyl is the right material for achieving large printed surfaces affordably. The material is available both as solid and perforated vinyl. Most common uses: outdoor advertising, events and fairs, roadside advertisements.

Printed fabrics are effective in shop decoration, interior design and events. We also offer printed company banners! Fabrics are a more ecological option than the traditional PVC vinyl prints. Most common uses: point-of-sale advertising, decorations and interior design, fairs and events, banners, billboards, light boxes.