Re-board® -solutions

Re-board® is an excellent material for event and point-of-sale marketing structures as well as different types of shop furniture. Thanks to the extremely light and sturdy material, the elements are easy to assemble, disassemble and pack in a small space. The board is very well suited for UV direct to board printing and it is available with either black or white paperboard surface. The outward appearance, design and measurements of the display shelves and other structures can be customised to suit your products and campaign themes. We also offer hundreds of ready-made solutions that can be either used as is or to provide ideas for new designs.

Recycled fibre is used in manufacturing Re-board®. In addition, the adhesives used in the manufacturing process are water-based and the process requires significantly less energy compared to for example KAPA or MDF boards. The suppliers of the paper used to manufacture Re-board® sheets are FSC-certified. An unprocessed or UV-lacquered Re-board® can be recycled with other cardboard. Thanks to its small carbon footprint, Re-board® is the most environmentally friendly board material compared to other available materials.