Financial Times and International New York Times select Hansaprint as digital printing house

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Hansaprint, one of Finland's leading printing houses, has made an agreement to print two of the world's most prestigious high-quality newspapers. The Hansaprint Direct business unit began printing the Financial Times (FT) and the International New York Times (INYT) in Turenki, Finland in March.

Hansaprint's Unit Director, Jukka Saariluoma, says that the printing has got off to a good start.
"We have received good feedback from our customers. They think that the new system works
excellently," Saariluoma says. The Turenki printing site prints the FT and INYT newspapers
distributed in Finland. Some of the newspapers are sent to retailers, while others are distributed to hotels and companies such as Finnair. The newspapers are printed in the evening and at night in Finland so readers receive newspapers hot off the press in the morning. All of the pieces eventually slotted into place and printing of the newspapers in Finland began," says Saariluoma.

Newspapers printed on paper also form part of a product's brand

The Financial Times and the New York Times are well known for their excellent online newspapers. However, the companies also understand the power of the printed word. Peter Slaughter, the Chief Production Officer of the Financial Times, believes that the printed newspaper will remain a powerful force. It is an important part of FT's product offering. Indeed, Slaughter says that printed and electronic media complement each other. He says that they have received lots of good feedback about the new distribution schedule. The newspaper can now be in the hands of readers by 7am.

Davy Drieghe, the Operations Manager of the International New York Times, highlights the
importance of the distribution schedule for printed newspapers. When INYT is printed in Finland, readers in the country also get the most recent edition. Printing the newspaper in Finland also increases the reliability of distribution.

Further information:
Mr. Jukka Saariluoma, Business Unit Director, Hansaprint, tel. +358 10 542 5850
Mr. Peter Slaughter, Chief Production Officer, Financial times,
Mr. Davy Drieghe, Operations Manager, International New Your Times,