Direct marketing works, Hansaprint invests

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The print medium still works very well in today’s jungle of information channels, offering diverse and efficient opportunities to convey both targeted and mass messages to consumers.

“Even though print has been losing its market share in relation to other channels, we strongly believe in its future success and dare to make investments on the basis of our customers’ needs. Hansaprint is the world’s first company to have invested in Ricoh Pro VC60000 high-power inkjet printing. This investment is a logical step in developing services like targeted direct marketing in the print channel,” says Jukka Saariluoma, Business Unit Director at Hansaprint. When direct marketing utilises the opportunities provided by digital printing, such as content customisation, the results are clearly better than in a conventional print campaign. We are excited about the new opportunities and believe that digi-printed direct marketing means better results for customers more easily than before,” Saariluoma says.

“Hansaprint intends to utilise new technology extensively for various products. We can make excellent use of the investment in direct marketing, marketing prints, transaction printing and book production alike. Inkjet technology is evolving quickly, and this shows in both print quality and the material selection. We invest in a flexible production process with short lead times, resulting in easiness for customers,” says Product Group Manager Seppo Mero. “The investment will be gradually implemented in production in early 2015,” Mero continues.

More information:
Product Group Manager Seppo Mero, tel. +358 10 542 5920, seppo.mero(a)hansaprint.fi
Business Unit Director Jukka Saariluoma, tel. +358 10 542 5850, jukka.saariluoma(a)hansaprint.fi

Ricoh Europe PLC press release (link)

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