Targeted invitation hits home with Multasormi's customers

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The Multasormi gardening stores - part of the S Group company Hankkija-Maatalous - do a seasonal trade, and concentrate on gardening products. The chain first tried out centralized targeted marketing in its Multasormi stores a year ago. The customer-owner evenings held in three stores were a success, and 12 evenings have been held in different Multasormi stores this spring.

Also present at the customer-owner evenings were various experts, ranging from a garden designer to fertilizer, composter and pesticide manufacturers.

The targeted direct mailing, along with the warmer weather, clearly affected sales. On the customer-owner evenings, store sales were on average double the previous days'. In one shop sales even quadrupled.

Hankkija-Maatalous sees targeted direct marketing as a future growth trend, and intends to use it more. Another aim is to make target groups even more precise. The chain's customer registers make this very possible.

In the direct-mail campaign carried out by Hansa Direct, personalized invitations containing offers were received by S Group customer owners who had shopped in the local Multasormi in April-September of the previous year.