Seeing is Believing

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Isku has faith in illustrated catalogues and aims to make catalogues that people will keep.

Isku's 2009 spring catalogue is the company's first large catalogue in five years. The next will appear in the autumn. When it adopted the catalogue, Isku gave up its earlier small brochures delivered to homes every month.

"I saw an illustrated catalogue as the best channel for us to display new products in a stylish setting," says Isku's Marketing Manager Sari Koivumäki.

"An illustrated catalogue also let's us show the diversity of our range in highly concrete fashion, and to tell people about our broad price spectrum."

Isku's 2009 spring catalogue shows the company's new products. But at the same time, it also tells readers about three of this spring's interior-design trends: a breezy shoreline, a desert radiating domestic tranquillity, and an untamed jungle.

"We have picked up foreign trends and applied them to Finland. We want to give readers hints and ideas, and to encourage them to experiment," says Koivumäki.

"We also want to tell people about our new concept: Created for the Finnish home. I see the catalogue as a good place for communicating our values and our strengths," she adds.

For Sari Koivumäki a good catalogue presents products with style, but it also evokes feelings in the reader and feeds their imaginations with new ideas. Apart from product information, a catalogue can easily contain general furnishing tips and lifestyle ideas, too.

"It might also include a sofa-buyer's ABC. I.e. What to look for when buying a new sofa."

Overall, Koivumäki thinks a good illustrated catalogue has to be fresh and bright. A good catalogue stimulates the imagination and creates room for thought.

Isku's spring catalogue was distributed to consumers in a direct mailing made using address registers. The catalogue is also available from stores, or can be ordered via the Internet. There is a replica of the catalogue on the Isku website.

"The catalogue has to be on the Net, too. Already almost half our customers use the Net before setting off to buy furniture. And, for instance, the Internet catalogue serves people who don't have an Isku store nearby."

Sari Koivumäki believes Isku has to be accessible via several channels. A printed catalogue has its own strengths, and the Net its own, too.