BMW Finland tames the brochure circus
with HansaDeli

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BMW Finland
BMW Finland sells more than 4500 cars a year. The company has 40 sales or service outlets around Finland.

Each individual vehicle requires up-to-date, model-specific brochures, owner's manuals, maintenance manuals and spare-part inventories. And then each product also requires supplementary marketing materials, such as stickers, soft toys, and even memory sticks. There can be dozens of titles, possibly hundreds, with several versions of each one. On top of that, there is a demand for owner's and maintenance manuals for older models of BMW.

The Challenge
When BMW Finland stored all its printed products itself, updating the material was difficult, and it was hard to keep track of what was in stock and what was running out.

The Solution
A couple of years ago, BMW Finland handed over its entire printed-product and sales-material logistics to Hansaprint. A tailor-made user interface was set up specifically for BMW in the HansaDeli system.

Individual BMW sales or service outlets now independently order the materials they need, with each outlet usually having just one person responsible for the ordering. The brochures are updated twice a year.

Hansaprint handles the warehousing and the printing. The Internet-based HansaDeli monitors the stock situation in real time and sends the customer a message if a product is running out. On receiving confirmation of a repeat order, Hansaprint swiftly delivers the material wherever it is needed.

This new operating model has made updating of printed products and logistics very much easier. The benefits are obvious, and there are cost savings, for instance, due to reductions in wastage of outdated material.