Masku Oulu opening campaign clearly beats targets

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Maskun Kalustetalo is one of Finland's leading sellers of furniture for the home. Masku's store network spans almost the whole of Finland. Targeted, personalized marketing messages and the Internet are becoming increasingly important in the sector's marketing.

The Challenge
Maskun Kalustetalo is opening a new store in Oulu. The company wants to give the launch greater impact by combining a personalized direct-marketing letter with an Internet campaign.

The Implementation
Maskun Kalustetalo markets its Oulu opening with a multichannel campaign designed and carried out by Luovia. Using population-register data the target group is limited to something over 100,000 households within a hundred-kilometre radius of Oulu.

The Oulu store is in a new residential area, where not many Oulu residents could find their way automatically. The direct-marketing mail sent to households includes an individual guide map marked with a route from their front door to the store, and an estimated journey time.

The letter contains a variety of product offers, plus a personal access code for the campaign website, where there are competitions and lots more offers only available on the Internet.

Over 7000 customers come to the opening - twice as many as previously attended openings of Masku's stores of corresponding size. Sales also exceed targets. The campaign website attracts more than 5000 individual visitors, who view 33,000 pages.