Onoff demands quality and punctuality

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Onoff is a Swedish home electronics retail chain with 67 shops in Sweden, five in Finland and two in Estonia.

The company wants to stand out from the competition by emphasising its good customer service and the new Help service concept. The concept includes, for example, the cost-free personal shopper service, price guarantee, home delivery, installation and the Onoff on-call service for problem situations.

Onoff introduces the Help service concept to consumers along with other services and products using television commercials and a customer magazine. The Onoff customer magazine appears 15 times a year and is distributed in shops and through postal services as direct marketing with no address label or as a daily newspaper pull-out. The distribution of each issue is 2.3 million copies. The customer magazine is a purely commercial publication, but it also includes at least one page of edited material discussing a selected theme.

When more than two million magazines are regularly distributed to homes, the printing house must be able to offer high printing quality and guarantee an excellent delivery capacity and reliability. Onoff has chosen Hansaprint as its partner.