Sembo needs the Internet - and brochures

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Travel agent Sembo offers car and flight package travel to the Swedish.


Other travel agents are not Sembo's biggest competition; the Internet is. Many people book their hotel rooms and trips through the Internet. Now Sembo has harnessed the Internet for its own operations: it is used to book and sell all trips. The company also stays linked with airlines through the Internet.

Sembo sales are boosted by impressive brochures and catalogues. The 8-page general brochure is printed in millions of copies. Large numbers of the four travel brochures - summer, winter, cities and the Alps - are also printed.

Sembo produces its brochures and catalogues internally, but all printing is done by Hansaprint. The agreement signed with Hansaprint benefits Sembo by offering a significantly longer production time, thus decreasing, for example, the overtime load. Being a small company, Sembo must be very cost efficient when competing with bigger travel agencies. When selecting a partner, good service and functional cooperation are important factors.