Yhteishyvä reaches the century mark

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Editor-in-chief Teija Laakso says that Yhteishyvä's pledge remains the same as it has been since its foundation: "to lend a hand with the everyday routine".

"Originally this promise meant that by cooperatively purchasing goods for the consumer, the shop made their workaday routine that much easier. The magazine backed this up with consumer care, and this is how it operates to this day. In the redesign at the beginning of this year, we aimed to make clear what benefits the magazine offers the reader."
Yhteishyvä's articles offer views on current topics, events and experiences, tips from experts, and much more. It carries special offers linked to specific events and products, and uses everyday examples to provide benefits for life.

Yhteishyvä or its Swedish-language sister publication, Samarbete, plus other customer mailings, are distributed to more than 1,400,000 households monthly. Merja Tummunki, who is responsible for customer-owner communications, says the package is mailed in hundreds of different variants every month.

"The number of inserts varies with the recipient, but everyone gets a letter from the cooperative chain, a statement of their personal bonus, and a marketing supplement. These are printed by Hansaprint on its digital production line, with one envelope per person. Hansaprint prints a wide range of supplements for us - almost all of them."
Tummunki says that printing and bagging customer-owner mail all under one roof brings synergy and efficiency.