A magazine bill is a good thing

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Each new magazine is a message to customers from a magazine publisher. Still, the most important message is the invoice, which is not merely a necessary medium of monetary transactions.

A bill is regularly sent to every customer. This makes it a cost-efficient means of building the customer relationship and communicating all the positive things related to being a customer. The bill is carefully read: traditional direct marketing messages are looked at for 15 seconds, a customised direct message for 34 seconds, but a bill receives even 42.5 seconds of attention and is saved for later inspection, complete with the attached sheets.

Digital technology enables accurate targeting and customisation of magazine bills and the offers included in them. With the bills, the customer is reached effectively, new products and services can be marketed and issues of personal importance to the customer communicated. The main point of all the information is that the reader feels that he or she gets useful information and services. When they feel that they get more for their money, they are more committed.