RuokaPirkka knows what's for dinner

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A weeknight at the food store: hurry, hunger, and no idea what to cook for the family. And something should be found for the weekend guests as well.


The shopkeepers of the K retail chain wanted to improve their service by offering their customers ideas for cooking – when they are shopping for groceries.


RuokaPirkka is a magazine distributed in K stores, offering compact information for cooking needs: recipes, special offers and information on new chain-specific products. A weekly Internet version of the magazine is also published, but the advantages of the printed magazine are obvious: it is easy for the customer to take the magazine from the shop to the kitchen.


650,000 copies of the RuokaPirkka are distributed through the four K retail chains every week. Each chain receives their own version of the magazine in Finnish and in Swedish. A reader survey carried out after the first month of publication revealed that more than 90% of the main target group had noticed the magazine in the stores.