Aurinkomatkat's brochure offers facts and dreams

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Aurinkomatkat's (Suntours) Lomaopas (Holiday Guide), which comes out twice a year, provides information and sparks the imagination, making it easier for customers to books their holidays.

Aurinkomatkat's (Suntours) Lomaopas (Holiday Guide) has been has been produced by Hansaprint and previously Helsinki Media Paino since 1978. According to Marketing Director Jukka Salama, the guide is the travel agency's most important marketing tool.

"A printed brochure is absolutely essential for us, since we sell an immaterial product. You can't try out a holiday trip in advance. The decision to buy is based on promises, facts and imagination. From the consumer's point of view it is extremely important that, while the brochure is selling a dream, it also obliges us to realise that dream. The Holiday Guide is this both a product description and a part of the contract."
The Holiday Guide is mailed to regular customers a few days before selling starts for the next season. The guide is distributed at our own retail outlets, plus in travel agencies and R-kiosks.
"Selling holidays starts with the direct mailing. We don't need any other advertising in the initial stage. The print run for the brochure is just under half a million, and stocks always run out before the end of the season. Media advertising done as the season progresses mainly focuses on the Holiday Guide."

The guide for spring to autumn 2004 has 90 different holidays in 19 different countries. There is a choice of 450 hotels. It contains an enormous amount of condensed information about destination countries, villages and cities, and hotels. This is a real Holidaymaker's Pictorial Bible.
"We devise a new range of holidays every six months. In the summer season the destinations are mainly around the Mediterranean, and in the winter we fly customers further South, to the Canary Islands, North Africa and long-haul destinations. For the catalogue maker this is a major challenge, since even the details of old destinations always have to be updated."

The design of the Holiday Guide has remained almost unchanged for a quarter of a century now.
"We develop our brochure in response to customer feedback. The most important thing is being informative and readable, the truthfulness of the images evoked, and making it easy for regular customers to find what they are looking for. There are some minor innovations every year, but we mainly try to stick to the line we have found to be good."

Aurinkomatkat's Holiday Guide is generally printed at Hansaprint's magazine plant in Vantaa, but when necessary it has also been printed at the Artukainen magazine plant, too. The print-run of almost half a million, including hundreds of colour pictures, relies on solid experience.
Hansaprint put in its bid to print Aurinkomatkat's Holiday Guide in the summer of 1978, and Hansaprint has been in the picture ever since. Hansaprint has managed to come up with new, economical solutions for the customer with, for example, successful choices of paper for the price list.
The Holiday Guide has remained essentially unchanged, even though the print-run, number and size of the pages, the paper and the design have changed somewhat over the years.

Tanja Typpö, Head of Hansaprint's Prepress department, says that the long customer relationship engenders confidence, even when making changes.
"For example, when handling pictures it is crucially important that we understand the customer's individual needs precisely. This speeds up the process considerably. For the Holiday Guide we have to deal with hundreds of pictures from different sources in a short time. They have to be edited together in just the way that Aurinkomatkat wants."