Paper bills add to marketing impact

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Cable-TV and broadband-service provider Welho makes efficient use of the bills its send to customers for its product marketing and customer communications.

What's it all about?

Every bill contains a box for messages that promote sales or provide customer information. But the marketing and customer-information messages should not interfere with the bill's basic function. The number of Euros, the due date, and other essential payment details can be spotted at a glance. "A good bill is a clear bill. It also looks good and reflects the company's brand," says Welho's Customer Relations Manager Timo Arvonen.

Why does it pay to market in bills?
The message boxes generally form part of Welho's sales campaigns. They are a cost-effective way of reaching customers. "The added information in bills gives us more than four million messages to Welho customers every year. I don't even dare calculate what it would cost to post these messages separately."

Arvonen says the most important thing is the ability to target the messages in the bill on different customer groups. "For instance, we tell Pay TV customers about new channels. Or we might remind broadband subscribers about the importance of virus security," Arvonen explains.

What if you are in a hurry?
Welho's partner in collaboration in billing matters is Hansaprint. The data drawn up in-house is e-mailed to Hansaprint's printers, where the bills are printed and mailed to customers.

"The cooperation has gone extremely well. Some of the most important things we require from our partner are speed and agility," says Welho's Systems Manager Seppo Tuuli.


Welho's business is by nature fast-moving. The cable network offers customers some 140 TV channels. Turnaround is rapid, with new channels arriving on average every month. Meanwhile, old channels disappear from the range.

"With Hansaprint, we can change the design of a bill, and personalize the details to be printed, at short notice," Tuuli says.