The more personal the better

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Digital printing allows personalization of printed products.

What's it all about?

Personalization means targeting messages on carefully selected and limited recipient groups. In advertising and marketing it means contacting selected recipients with messages that speak specifically to them. Personalization takes the target group's background into account, so the advert or direct mailing letter can be made more interesting to individual recipients.

Digital printing technology allows the benefits of personalization to be used in newspapers and magazines, too. The same product - a customer magazine, periodical or advert - can be varied to make it different for different recipients or recipient groups. If you have enough information about your recipients, you can, for example, make different magazines for families with children and for people living alone. Digital printing can also be used in only part of a magazine, making it is possible to combine the power of digital with the cost-effectiveness of traditional bulk printing.

Who for?
Personalization is ideal for everyone who wants to give readers just what they want. For instance, the cover of the same customer magazine can be different, depending on whether the recipients are staff members or management. General magazines can also use the power of personalization by providing services for distinct reader groups within their subscriber bases.


Personalizing your printed product gives you lots of concrete advantages.

  • You make use of stored information about the recipient
  • You give recipients material that matches their interests
  • You can make individual emphases and send out targeted messages
  • You can keep the same magazine's different reader groups happy
  • You can talk to readers directly
  • You add impact to your marketing