The catalogue inspires

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The Panduro Hobby main catalogue inspires women in Denmark, England, France, Germany, Norway and Sweden to get creative. The catalogue has a total circulation of 800 000 copies and is issued once a year.

During the year also four less comprehensive catalogues are produced, too. At Panduro Hobby, sales and marketing is an integrated seamless system which comprises the catalogues, the web site and the altogether 60 shops.

The catalogue is important as it shows the entire product range and is a source of inspiration to the Panduro clients. The catalogue inspires people to buy what they need for new creations from the stores and the website. It is used throughout the whole year.

As up to 75 percent of the catalogues are picked up in the stores, the Panduro staff has excellent, personal contacts with the majority of their customers.

The production of the catalogue is tightly integrated with the purchasing process, which makes it impossible to outsource the production. The timetables for purchasing and catalogue production are closely linked to each other.

Hansaprint is deeply involved in the process and takes care of both printing and distribution.