Catalogue worth its weight

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The jewellery retailer Kultajousi Oy centres its marketing plan on its illustrated atalogue, which is mass-mailed to homes all over Finland. With operations handled n a centralised way, the production process for these campaigns runs like clockwork.

Nearly every month, most Finnish households receive in their postboxes the Kultajousi catalogue, which glitters with gold and sparkle. This mass mailing has a clear impact at the Kultajousi's stores, and also on the number of visitors to the company's website. The catalogue is Kultajousi's most crucial marketing channel, with a look that is reflected in both its shops and website.

"Our entire marketing programme is based around the direct-mail catalogue. High-quality pictures of our products attract customers to examine them more closely. The campaign materials for inside and outside our stores, which are in the same visual style as the catalogue, help customers to notice and recognise campaign specials", says Kultajousi's Marketing Director Tomas Nyberg.

Hansaprint has been involved in producing these catalogues for more than a decade. At first the relationship focused on printing services, but it has deepened over time. As of the beginning of the year 2011, Hansaprint has also been responsible for the catalogue's layout, as well as for campaign material that is distributed at stores.

"In the past, the execution of campaigns was split among various players: an advertising agency did the design and layout and Hansaprint did the printing. Posters and other store materials were commissioned from yet another company. Now the majority of our production process is centralised to Hansaprint."

Photo Kalle Kataila / Juha Salminen