Terassi-magazine invites readers outdoors

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Terassi (Terrace) magazine is aimed at those interested in outdoor leisure time spent in gardens, balconies and other outdoor spaces. Terassi magazine's circulation has risen to about 10,000 within its first year, with the aim of reaching 40,000 by 2014. The magazine is published 9 times per year and nearly one in three readers is a man.

Terassi marks an impressive debut for its founder, Editor-in-Chief Eeva Ek. She had never worked a day in the magazine business, coming instead from a long career at Nokia. Ek's career shift began with a change at home. Her family's house had just been built and its yard urgently needed to be spruced up. All the garden magazines in Finland focused on plants but Ek wanted more than just pictures of plants and gardening tips. When she could not find the right kind of magazine, she came up with the idea of starting her own.

Terassi magazine is printed at Hansaprint. As Ek explains, since she was entering the business from another field, she wanted the security of a large printing house's experience and quality. In negotiating with the printers, she says she never tries to act as if she knows more than she does: "I told them right away that I didn't know anything."

In response, she was met with a helpful attitude. Ek is pleased that the partnership has proceeded in a positive spirit.

"At Hansaprint, things work. Their first reaction is always, ‘sure, we can arrange this somehow'."


Kuva Paula Lehto / Juha Salminen