Books on demand - even hardbacks

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Hansaprint has invested in hardcover binding equipment for its Direct Business Unit in Vantaa. The investment has complemented the selection of books-on-demand services and was combined with HansaBook, a service that has become familiar to many publishers. The investment brings a completely new opportunity to expand the on-demand operational model across the entire product range. The new hardback machines have strengthened Hansaprint's position as a pioneer in on-demand printing, making it the only company offering such a service in the Nordic region.

The optimum print run for HansaBook's hardback service is around 300-500 copies, just as it is for paperback volumes. In particular, the service offers the opportunity to flexibly produce reprints, which frees publishers from having to make predictions too far into the future when deciding on first-edition print runs.

The hardback machines were supplied by a European equipment manufacturer that has solid experience in developing them. Plant Manager Marko Silventoinen says that the equipment will boost flexibility. "These machines can bind and cover books of various sizes consecutively without having to be reset in between. This brings long-needed flexibility to this process that is otherwise still mostly done by hand and includes as many as eight stages of work after the insides of the book have been printed," Silventoinen says.

This flexible manufacturing process extends the familiar HansaBook philosophy to cover hardbacks as well: sensibly-sized print runs as needed, with unit prices that correspond to large print runs.

Sales Manager Jenny Eromäki, who is responsible for the HansaBook product group, is pleased with the expansion of the service. "I'm really excited about this! Even though a softcover book is a quality product, the books on demand have so far often been seen as a compromise. And since we have not been able to meet all needs, the book-on-demand ideology has not been realised throughout publishers' entire selections. That will all change!," says Eromäki enthusiastically.

"I'm really excited about this!", says Sales Manager Jenny Eromäki.